Looking to sell my character,

Birthday : 2021-08-24
SP : 60,989,278
Unallocated Skillpoints: 119,500
Total SP : 61,108,778

Can fly all marauder (IV), Carrier and Dread with T2 weapons,
BLOPS specialisation (JDC 5)

I pay the transfer

B/O : 40 B

30b mate

31 B offer

32b mate

35 B offer

36b mate

37 B offer

38b mate

40 B buyout offer


41 B offer.
And according to the rules, ISK can only be sent to S-L-M, which you can transfer to ‘Era Obaf’ before transferring the character to me or the other guy.

If no answer @Celestial_4_Ever after 5 min i’ll choose @Riperd_Jacks


ISK is to sent to the character that is being exchanged, after which, you can send that ISK to whatever character you prefer. There’s no need to make a new thread.

My bad, so
CANCELED @Celestial_4_Ever
Accepted @Riperd_Jacks

Okay, I just realized you have created the first thread with the wrong character S-L-M
I will send ISK to SLM-Fabo since that is the character is being traded.
Please login to SLM-Fabo and make a sale thread. I will reply to that thread and we will start the transfer.

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41,5 if still avaible

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