• Perfect subcap pvp char, currently training capital stuff
  • Can fly all subcap combat ships
  • Can fly Amarr and Caldari dreads with 5 lvl
  • Can fly Caldari Freighter
  • Can fly Minmatar Carrier
  • Included HG Snake set and also 2 more mixed sets
  • +5s learning clone
  • 500 000 unallocated SP
  • Positive Wallet
  • No killrights
  • Sec status: 4.42
  • Character will be located in high sec (Jita)

All CCP rules apply
I will pay transfer fee

Starting bid 180b
Buyout 280b

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bump )

200b isk





201B ISK

202 b?

203b isk


205B ISK

I only give you 205B ISK. If you want to sell it, I can buy it right away.

[SOLD WTS 190m SP pilot]
password: 123456

The character only sold 191B.

P G One 205B bid accepted.
Please send account info and Isk and I will start the transfer.

PG ONE said he would come to trade after work. Please wait patiently.

I’m off duty. Can I start trading now?

What role do you play to receive ISK? Please let me know. I’ll contact you.

You can send isk and account info to GaRaMaGaDa ingame.

ISK received, starting the transfer procedure.