SOLD : please lock

Selling myself , a purebred subcap combat pilot

Skills : Character Sheet

Highlights included:

  • Almost every single subcap ship skill at V
  • All scanning skills V
  • No silly industry / production or science skills aside the bare minimum
  • Access to T2 salvage drones for easy trig salvage
  • Mutated drone spec V for all your sweaty Gila abyssal runs
  • 1 022 000 unallocated skill points


  • no capital ship skills
  • Electronic warfare skills

Includes 6 jumpclones with the following

  • High Grade Ascendency set x2
  • High Grade Asklepians set
  • High Grade Crystal set x2
  • Expendable pvp clone +4’s

Positive wallet & sec
No kill rights
All CCP transfer rules apply.

edit adding some info from comments:

Buyout 125B.
Highest bid above 100B wins by Saturday 18:00 GMT
Bid increments of atleast 250mill

how much were you looking to get? looks like a cool toon

Quite frankly no idea what this type of toon goes for so i’m waiting to see what people are offering.
Offer what you like , i wont be offended haha

Bid: 100b

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101B bid

Bid withdrawn

Will keep your bid in mind but i will not accept it just yet, it seems to be a bid on the lower side of things. On the other hand i am not gonna take weeks to sell the character.

Guesse this counts as a daily bump

105b offer

106B offer

107b offer

107.1B offer

108b offer

108.1B offer

110b offer

110.1B offer

ill accept a 125b buyout otherwise highest bid by saturday 18:00 GMT wins (minimum bid is 100b though)

115B offer

I would have probably gave you 125B but… -5 caldari and amar that is a serious minus for me, the fact i have to fix that it is a turn off, good toon nevertheless.

It should be pointed out that the values on the right of the standings window are the adjusted values based on skills, just in case you weren’t aware.

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