Hello.I want to sell very nice subcap toon

Nice armor/shield/gunnery/missiles/enginerring/navigation/scanning skills
All cruiser V, Loki V,Logi V,Recon V,Svipul,Sabre,Minmatar Ceptors IV ,Minmatar BC V, Command ships IV.
T2 medium guns ( except hybrid/blaster) Spec IV
Nice drone Skills

I will pay transfer fee,character located in Jita,no kill rights,positive isk, -1.9 Sec Status
Genolution set in Sobaseki

Starting price : 40b
B/O 50b

why? just nice subcap toon,very very nice.

30 bil

34 bil

34.5 bil

35 bil

35.5b offer


38 Bil


offer accepted.please send isks and account name.

OK, 38Bil isk and my account info sent to Viper Ho in game.

nice, I will be at home after 12.45 ET. then I will check wallet and will start a transfer

I have recieved the ISK and currently awaiting confirmation from CCP .

Char will be yours in 2 days maybe faster.Check my last thread Sold! ~2 days

char is no longer for sale

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