(Rok Verohi) #1

hello i would like to sell my self there is a few kill rights on this char the char has neg 1 sec status right now (ill buy the sec status to pos if needed) hes gonna be located in jita moon 4 station
its the perfect sub cap pilot

it has 5 jcøs located in lowsec wich includes
2 hg snake sets
1 hg slave set
1 mid grade slave set
1 mid grade asklepian set

there is a few kill rights on this char

eveboard link


sell wil end when i get a offer im willing to accept good biddin (isk goes to me)

(Maizie Fields) #2

135 billion

(Perpetualed) #3

136 bil

(Morlif Norus) #4


(Danny Z) #5


(Mrs bigwallet) #6

buyout confirmed ingame, sending isk sunday. 165b bo

(Rok Verohi) #7

B/O accepted

(Mrs bigwallet) #8

Sending isk and details now.

(Rok Verohi) #9

Waiting still

(Rok Verohi) #10

Character took down not for sale now

(system) #11

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