SOLD : please lock

Oh, if that means i can enter caldari and amarr space without being shot down then 125b b/0 :slight_smile:

125b BO what character I send isk to?

just confirming you can fly in amarr/caldaru space just fine. you must always send the isk to the character being sold. in this case : tentaki

also please send me an ingame mail with the account name i need to transfer the character to. please make sure you have an open slot

Finally, when you send the isk please also mention it in this thread, i tend to check the thread when i can.

PS apologies for the late reply, i’m having some truely long workdays xd.

Isk and mail with account name sent

Isk received.

Transfer initiated.

Transfer page under account management : “will be completed after 7/7/2023 7:05:10 AM”
FYI it is currently 11:06PM in my current timezone.

Character received. All is in order, as described. Thank You for a fair deal!

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