WTS PVP Subcap toon (99 m sp total)

Pilot for sale: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Chargin_Mah’lasers

Strong pvp subcap character, born in 2006

Most Armor Engineering Gunnery Missiles Scanning Sybsystems skills are developed to 5 (More detailed info you can find in pilot page)

Security stats above 0, wallet green as grass, no kill rights.
1 JC available
Character is in npc corp, located in high sec

70b offer.

71b ready

Quote Price 80B

80 bil is decent offer, I accept it

Please send the roles that accept Isk

@Mr_Laojiang please send isk to me

To whom is ISK sent? Please provide the character name

To the character that is for sale: Chargin Mah’lasers

ISK is also sent to:Chargin Mah’lasers?

yes, already give you the name, send isk and transfer info there please

OK ,Moving Isk

ISK has been transferred. Please check it

The character transfer account is: jiang0002
Waiting for your transfer

ok, preparing transfer

Transfer is in progression, Thank you!

Please verify that the character you transferred is correct. The character I received does not match the character you are selling. The character skill I received is only 700,000

Has CCP reimbursed you yet? this is lame isn’t it

wtf, it was my alt who was sent instead, I am going to make another transfer, just lost 20bucks

transfer remade, sorry for this