"SOLD" 67.9m SP PVP Pilot / Flys all Gal. Subcaps + Dread and carrier's/ much more

For Sale 67,9 Mil SP Pure PVP Pilot


Highlights: Flys all Gallente except Titan and JF / Amarr Carrier / Crusier 5 Gal, Cald, Amarr


Bonus: 36 skins 16 of which are Serpentis

Located in Jita

Positive wallet

All CCP rules apply

Seller pays transfer fee

Starting bid: 60bil

Buyout: 67bil


Your offer is very fair and if I don’t get a higher bid by this time tomorrow night, I will accept your offer, if your still interested.

Isk is ready, wont be around to much longer.

all right dude fair enough send isk and I will transfer immediately thanks and enjoy

isk and account sent. Time for some sleep :smiley:

Cool Beans transfer complete fair price fair sale enjoy :slight_smile:

Sale is complete thank You

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