WTS 61mil SP Jack of All Trades Subcap Pilot

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Gindolo PW:123456

The pilot is in High Sec -2.5 sec status sitting in a pod
This pilot has a remap available.
Positive wallet balance.

  • All Racial Cruisers V
  • Recon V
  • Amarr BS/BC V
  • All Gunnery Support skills V
  • Can fly Interdictors/Heavy Interdictors
  • All Frigs/Assault Frigs V except for Gallente
  • Can Fly Tengu/Legion
  • Precursor Cruiser V

This pilot can do it all and there’s plenty of room for growth. Ready for Logis or if u want to get into Caps it has all the skills injected for a Rev. 500k Unallocated SP.

Starting Bid: 45 Bil
B/O: 60bil

The transfer will be done via plex petition to CCP.

45bil here

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47 bil

Thanks for the offers but I’m looking for something higher before I let this pilot go.

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Changed my mind I’m ending the auction on Thursday
@Maizie_Fields currently has the highest bid

Daily bump.

48 bil


@yijiayi I accept your offer send isk and account details and I’ll send the petition

Handle supplies. Give me an hour.

Sorry to keep you waiting. ISK and email have been sent.

Not a problem. Isk and info received and the petition has been started.

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