*** WTS 20msp Pure PVP Gallente Pilot ***

(General Granite) #1


  • Great Name
  • 2 remaps up
  • High Grade Askleipan plus 5%s pod
  • Great Core skills
  • In high sec, pos wallet, all CCP rules apply

Make me an offer
BO - 20B
Run Time - Will sell on Monday the 29th unless bo is met

(Perpetualed) #2

12.5 billion.

(Michele Kalkoken) #3

online now, looking to made a deal for q/s message me ingame

(Investor Joe) #4


(Perpetualed) #5

13.5 billion.

(TxivYawg1) #6

13.6 bil

(Perpetualed) #7

13.7 billion.

(TxivYawg1) #8

14 bil

(DarkDem0n) #9

15 bil

(DarkDem0n Wookies) #10

last bid was me by the way had wrong account on :frowning:

(Sisa Amatin) #11

14.1 b

(DarkDem0n) #12

Highest bid is 15 bil mate

(Sisa Amatin) #13

I think you want to increase the purchase price. My bid is 14.1b ISK.

(DarkDem0n Wookies) #14

15 bil

(Michele Kalkoken) #15

clearly trying to bump price here using alt

(DarkDem0n Wookies) #16

Lmao I was signed into wrong character like I said up there all my isk is in this charcter

(Jake Mega) #17

edit: ISK ready now

(Aries Stark) #18

16b offer

(DarkDem0n Wookies) #19

16.5 B

(Jake Mega) #20

Sent you an offer in game