Selling my female Minmitar pilot who has 5,511,232 million skill points (800,000 of them are unallocated)

It takes 250k skillpoints to get a rank 1 skill to level 5 so with the unallocated skill points you can instantly get 3 rank 1 skills of your choice to level 5


She has no kill rights
She has a positive isk balance
Her standings allow her to fly everywhere in hi-sec space.
She has no jump clones installed anywhere.
She has a bunch of implants in her head (see link)
She has a Yearly Remap and one Bonus Remap available.
She is Docked in Hi-sec in Tar.

Will work great as a alpha toon if you want to play that way. I created her to do small ship PVP (faction war) and missions while also being able to operate as a Alpha clone without being too hobbled.

Want to sell for 2.5 Billion B/O

I will pay transfer fee

Post edited to include increase in skill points.


bumpy day

still open to offers, daily bump, and slight skill point increase.

bump price lowered

Bump and skill points increased.

Still open to offers

daily bump

still available

open to offers still

bumpy bump

bump today

3.87 billion isk, B/O

So sorry I had forgotten it was up + Xmas and all, Still available.

Daily bump

refreshingly bumped

K a b u m p


I can offer 2.5 bil

Slight increase in skill points, I was hoping to get 3.5bill

Thank you for your offer, could you go a bit higher?