WTS 7 million sp Minmitar Char PVP/Missions


Selling my Minmitar pilot who has 7,127,896 million skill points (445,000 of them are unallocated)

I created this character to learn to PVP with minmitar ships, it was a lot of fun.

he has no kill rights
he has a positive isk balance
His standings allow him to fly everywhere in hi-sec space.
he has no jump clones installed anywhere.
he has a bunch of implants in his head (see link)
he has a Bonus Remap available.
he is Docked in Hi-sec in Tar.

Want to sell for 7 billion or near offer

I will pay transfer fee

5b b/o

Sold on receiving payment and transfer details

Still open to offers until I hear from the guy with the B/o offer.

bump to update skillpoints, open to offers still

Bump still open to offers

Bump + skill point increase edit.

5 billion

accepted stelnikov Send the isk and transfer details and ill start transfer immediately

Isk sent to xuca
mail sent to xuca with account info

thank you sir, transfer initiated.

rgr…let me know if you run into any problems

sale complete thank you

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