Character has sold

I am looking to sell this character.

Minmintar capital pilot
command dessies

Not too far from
HICs, Dictors, Black ops with portal gen, command ships

Positive wallet
No kill rights
3 jump clones in HS, one has mid grade crystal and cap and gunnery, another has high grade crystal and missile, the 3rd has +4s
Character is currently in high security space

If you need a starting point for bidding I am looking for greater than 30 bil.

Happy bidding. Bidding will end when an acceptable offer is made. Feel free to send in game mail. Thanks.

42 billion

I think the 42b price offered to you is good, but your character can be very useful to me (justly i need a panther and can use your char )

I offer you 46b for your character, but i am outside the town, can do the trade WEDNESDAY moring.

If interested answer here, i am not reading the evamil.

When you get back to town, we can talk more.

Ok, tomorrow at this time aprox

Sorry, offer retracted, I receive another deal more intersting to me, nice char.

45 bill

I accept, send isk and account name.

isk and account details sent to Schopan Gigawatt

transfer initiated

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