WTS 70.3mil (+250k unallocated) SP Minmatar Carrier and Subcap PVP pilot

(Captain BrewSir) #1

WTS Myself, Great subcap and Minmatar Carrier pilot. Currently at 70,356,484 + 250k unallocated SP

Full details can be found here:

Located in Jita 4-4
Wallet is green.
Sec Status is positive.
Yearly remap ready in 1 month.
No killrights

Starting bid 55b, b\o 65b

(Captain BrewSir) #2

Buyout lowered. Looking forward to offers!

(Tyree Crowder Severasse) #3

i can do 65

(Captain BrewSir) #4


(Jazmine Khardula) #5

I can do 75b!

(Captain BrewSir) #6

Convo me ingame if you are serious about the offer.

(Captain BrewSir) #7

Confirming that I’ve accepted Jazmine’s offer, received ISK and will start char transfer process. Char sold.

(Starwarpz Le) #8

Come and buy my character dude~

(system) #9

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