WTS 70.3mil (+250k unallocated) SP Minmatar Carrier and Subcap PVP pilot

WTS Myself, Great subcap and Minmatar Carrier pilot. Currently at 70,356,484 + 250k unallocated SP

Full details can be found here:

Located in Jita 4-4
Wallet is green.
Sec Status is positive.
Yearly remap ready in 1 month.
No killrights

Starting bid 55b, b\o 65b

Buyout lowered. Looking forward to offers!

i can do 65


I can do 75b!

Convo me ingame if you are serious about the offer.

Confirming that I’ve accepted Jazmine’s offer, received ISK and will start char transfer process. Char sold.

Come and buy my character dude~

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