WTS 65m Sub-Cap & Carrier PVP / PVE Character

Basic Information:

  • Based in Jita
  • No Jump Clones
  • No kill rights
  • Positive wallet

Additional Information:

  • Good all round pilot, easy to specialize + 269,142k un-allocated SP.
  • Can run Caldari level 4 missions
  • Implant set +3
  • Yearly Re-map available
    Skillboard (pw:123)

offer 45b?

Sorry 45B is too low for me

46 bil…

Thanks for the offer still too low, looking in the region of 55B


Bump! :smiley:

48 Bil

49 B :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offers, still looking for a little bit more!

Bump :smiley:


Bump :slight_smile:



Still looking for more offers, bump :smiley:

my offer still stands

53 bil BO offer

Offer accepted!

Heading home gonna send isks in a few hours