WTS 17m SP Black Ops Pilot!

Skillboard : Skills
Password: 123

Gallente Battleship V
Jump Drive Calibration V
Cyno Generation V
Cybernetics V
Jump Portal Generation III
Jump Fuel Con
Light - Med - Heavy drones V.

Positive wallet - 1 isk.
Positive Sec status
3 bonus remaps
Located in Jita 4-4
NPC corp.

BO: 20b.

13b offered

I’ll offer: 13.5b

thank you for offers, lowest will be 1b per million sp.

ok best offer I can do would be 15b

you are getting very close

15,5 and we got a deal.

Post the toon board plz im interested


pass: 123

I will do 15.5 billion isk ready.

send me isk and acc.

isk and details sent.
by my alt Hutchy

isk received. Transfer initiated.

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