[SOLD] WTS > 164 Mill SP PVP/Cap Pilot > Good Killboard

164 mill SP PVP Character

This is my main character from a good few years playing, He’s 2007, has a positive wallet, a large collection of skins, implants sets and decent skills, check out the skillboard. I will pay the transfer fee…

https://zkillboard.com/character/251297748/ > Zkillboard
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Rebel_Dog > Skillboard, password is 1234
https://ibb.co/5BbJWKB > Implants
https://ibb.co/WKGQMgG > Nice Selection of skins
No stupid offers


bump for tuesday


150 bil BO serious offer

good start, ill keep the thread going for a few days though, because i think its worth more than that

I want to buy this character. Could you please tell me the reasonable price you want for him?

i’ll start at 170 and see what u come back with

My final word is 175 to make a deal. Character is ovepriced but I like him. Let me know please

I accept your offer, please can you send the isk and the account information to Rebel Dog and i will proceed with the transfer, thanks…

Isks and mail with the account details have been sent

Isk recieved, character transfered, awaiting confirmation…

Character transfered, i hope you enjoy him as much as ive enjoyed him, CCP have messed this game up and everyone i know have left it, it used to be good now its just a waste of time…
Enjoy my character bro :slight_smile:

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