WTS 145m sp pvp/pve

Selling this great pvp/pve toon. Can fly a lot of ships very well.
Has 3 remaps
Good implants. Current ones you can see on the eveboard link
1 Skin that is not even worth mentioning.
Has no negatives that I can think of.

I may have forgot to add something as I am quickly posting from work.
Will answer any questions ASAP.

Bid are welcome.
If anyone just has to have him now the buyout is 140b
all ccp rules apply and character is ready for transfer.

125 bil

127.5 bil

if someone can give 130 they can have it

128 bil

Ill take 128. send me info and ill start xfer

Sending ISK and account info now!

transfer started

Transfer confirmed by CCP. Thanks Phuong!

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