35.5 MIL SP Indus / PvE allrounder

I’m thinking of selling this character.

  • I’m a Industrial / PvE character (ready for PvP)
  • I fly the orca and all TI Mining barges, Exhumers can be trained IMED
  • I fly Blockade runners and Deep Space Transporters
  • I fly Amarr freighters
  • I fly logistics
  • I have two Bonus remaps available.
  • A full +4 Attribute Imp set in my head.
  • 0.0 Security standing
  • 2016 Character with a great name
  • Not to long Employment list and possitive Faction standings with Caldari & Amarr

More information here: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Dashiel_LeDoux

If the Offer is fair i will accept it, i am considering of selling this character.
Please make me an offer, or help me with a reasonable price tag for this char.

Bidding will stay open for 10 days, after that i will decide what to do.


29b offered

29.5 b

30b offered

30b Highest BID, i have decided to sell the char.
Buyout 35bil.

Shortening the whole procedure Sunday evening the char can be transferred, unless buyout.

One more day.

Character will be sold tomorrow.
30B Offered by Absolute Truth.


30.3b offered




Few more hours to go.
Bidding stops at 00:00 ET.

Buyout still at 35B, I will sent the last bidder the Contact details for the payment.


Ebay :stuck_out_tongue:
30min to go



This isnt ebay :smile:
31B Buyout, first to offer me that gets the char.

We can do this right now.

31b b/o


Absolute Truth1m
31b b/o

ISK goes to Shinira Ra
ill let her reply in a sec

great, i will send isk and account name now