[SOLD] WTS 31.5m Exhumers 5/freighter 5/reproc indy character



Looking to sell a really solid industrial support alt.

-Caldari Freighter 5, can easily train into a Rhea
-Exhumers 5
-Gallente Industrial 5, can fly an Occator/Viator
-Really solid drone & shield skills
-10M of reprocessing skills trained. Not perfect on all ores, but close.
-Basic indy & PI skills, with advanced indy 5 already trained. Can inject capital ship construction and start building immediately.
-Cyber5 for skillfarming
-Capital ships & Gallente Carrier injected (no training yet).

Has one clone, with a full set of +5s, as well as a free RX-804 reproc implant & IH-1005 ice mining implant. Positive wallet, positive sec status, currently in highsec. No killrights. Can remap now, 1 bonus remap available.

Starting bid: 26B. I’m open to buyouts, make me an offer.

Transfer will be paid via plex, so it may take a little more than 10h to move the character after it’s sold.

Bump. Really good indy support, can mine good and do all the other stuff you need.

Still on sale. Good pilot, looking for a good home :slight_smile:


26 bil

Liking the responses so far, gonna give it another week or until I get a buyout I like

Bump, couple more days

what is the current offer?

Still 26, I’m hoping to get a buyout of about 30 though

Bump, let’s try and go a little bit higher

I wonder if you’re in a hurry to sell it?I really want it now, but I don’t have enough money to buy it in two months

I’m gonna sell to the 26b bid in 24h if someone doesn’t beat it. Slightly disappointing - this char is definitely worth 30 - but I need the cash :stuck_out_tongue:

[Removed due to lack of reply]

Since I’ve gotten no reply from the bid I accepted, I’m re-opening the sale. Minimum bid is 26b; hit me up with offers, I’ll keep this open for another 1-2 weeks or until I need cash before I extract everything.

Last call

24 bil, ready anytime

Sorry, need at least 26 to beat extraction profit after the 1k plex transaction cost.

You should close this sale thread and re-post. Some people stop following threads when the toon is agreed to be sold to someone else.

I could but tbh I don’t think a lot of people were following it. (The offer I agreed to was the only non-retracted one I got, and he never got back in touch with me.)

OK. Keep it up for a few days more, but if nothing happens just recreate the thread. It’s a nice focused toon.