[SOLD] WTS Industry Alt

Looking to sell my Indy Alt that I no longer have a use for.
Good starter for t2 production
Good research/invention toon

Cybernetics V
10 Production Lines
10 Science Lines
Most t2 skills to lvl 3


5B ))

5.5b offer

6b offer :smiley:

6,5B B/O Isk Ready

Working a 12 hour shift today, won’t be back til tonight at the earliest or tomorrow at the latest to do the toon transfer. My hope was to get 7B as a B/O. The highest bid so far is 6.5B so if by the time I can get on I don’t see 7B then I’ll take the 6.5B as a final B/O.

7b b/o

Still at work. Send me your account info etc by mail and I’ll start the xfer as soon as I’m able to.

Thanks in advance.

Isk sent and I’ve sent you a mail, thanks

Transfer Started.

Thank you again

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