WTS perfect alt character 54mio sp , JF all 5 + more

Wts perfect alt char

Jf 5 + support skills 5
all scanning skills 5
some drone skills
hauling skills

B/O 50 bil

confirmed , iam for sell

38b offer

Next bump

39 bil


40b offer

not selling under extraktion value

41b offer

extraction value is 43bil x D dude

43b b/o

45 bil buyout

43b b/o

nope never

ok, 45B
all i need is:
Jf 5 + support skills 5

send account info and stuff

it is work time now, wait me a latter

after u send isk to vannez write me ingame to vannez account name and stuff and i start transfer

sorry , i only send isk to tf28

u can do it too like this no problem, so send isk and acc info to tf28