WTS Super/Fax Alt 25m SP

1. Wallet balance.

2. Kill rights

3. Jump clones
1 in Jita and 1 in Amarr (2 Available)

4. Character location.
Jita (HS)

Remaps 1
1.5 Security Status

Starting Bid 25b

pw: 1234

bump :grinning:

would you mind extract some skills to show, and sell this account.with a lower price?
or change your skills.
i need a carrier account,and it has too many others

I’m willing to haggle a bit, but I don’t want to lost a ton of value like all these other people.


20B OK?


21.5bn isk

Says 25b starting :stuck_out_tongue:


25 Bill

Send isk I’ll transfer now if you want

Like your char, if Sexlotsaraptor dose not reply, can i have this char? I will sent isk after today DT.25.5B

Ya, first come first serve don’t forget to send the account you want it to go to. Also ty for the extra 500m. I’m ready to get rid of this guy :smiley:

got it ,i will sent isk and account as soon as possible.

wrong char

Can you send the account your wanting the transfer to?

isk and account sent

Character Transfer Initiated

Dear kainhighwind113,

You have chosen to transfer the character PhilMaCracken to the account named Nakasorachi0.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.


character received.