WTS 5m SP Alts -SOLD-

Located in Jita, positive wallet, bout to be NPC corp if not currently, 0.0 sec status, no kill rights. All CCP rules apply, I pay the transfer.


Give offers


These 2 have 1m unallocated on the acc, can be added to either of the 2:

Give offers ty

For sale.

For sale.

For sale.

For sale.

For sale.

For sale.

I’ll take all 6 for 26b?

BTW the account with Ida and Marlena, I accidentally applied the 1m to Marlena so please take that into account. I’ve only just recently got back into the game so they all have remaps + bonus.

Can you do 27 for an nice 4.5 each? If so you can send 4.5 to each toon, please mail each one the account info you need them to be sent to and I’ll get the transfer started as soon as possible.

Sure thing, deal! I’m just at work, will send the details once I get home

ISK has been sent to all characters, mails have been sent to 4/6 characters. I’m not allowed to send a message to @Ida_Summers or @Anna_Howe though.

Therefore I’ve sent an message to @Every_Body with the accounts which these chars should be transferred to.

ISK and info received.
Started the transfer on JX2, Anna Howe, Ida Summers, Nakiri Rinah. I’ll start the other 2 when the others finish.

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@Meridthal transfer started on Tessa and Marlena. Thanks for your purchase and have fun!

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