[SOLD] WTS 55M SP Jack of all Trades PvE Alt


Selling my old recon/scanning/indy/mining/mission running alt I have no use for anymore.

55.8M Skillpoints.
Positive Security Status (5.0)
No Kill Rights
NPC Corp (Aliastra)
Scanning skills are maxed out.
Some negative Standings with Factions (Amarr, -6.22 / -2.98 with skills, Caldari State -5.0 / -2.0 with skills
Wallet: 1.7m
Jump Clones: Jita 4-4, No augmentations (Cloned or otherwise).
Character is currently located in Waira
Primarily a Mining/Refining/Scanning alt, a little rough around the edges but solid :slight_smile:

Can Fly Gallente Freighter, inc T2 Transports, T2 Exhumers, Orca, Etc.
Starting Bid: 35B
Buy Out: 50B

36b :slight_smile:

37 bill

40b buyout offer

41 Bill

44 bil

45b :slight_smile:

46 billion

Thank you all for the interest!

I will close bidding in 24 hours from this post, or when the Buyout is reached, whichever comes first :slight_smile:

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50bil buyout offer. Let me know

Hi Grann,

Thank you for triggering the Buyout, please let me know you would like to continue and I will mark as sold and we can begin the transfer :slight_smile:

Hey ! I was just about to go to sleep haha but we can do this now if your keen :slight_smile: I am online

Please send an in game mail to Xens Ho with the account you wish him to be transferred too, and I will reply with the character to send payment too and we can start the process :slight_smile:

Can confirm Receipt of ISK

Transfer has Initiated :slight_smile:

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