[SOLD] VNI Ratting Alts for sale 2.75 Bill each separately or all

(shoneri Eistiras) #1

WTS good vni ratting alts and t1 haulers for scooping the loot , each has about 5 Mill skill points I can sell separately or all


(TypingTot) #2

I would like Tank Kouvo plz. 3b. He would be perfect for me to start making isk through combat.

(shoneri Eistiras) #3

sure send me your isk and you’re username please to transfer

(TypingTot) #4

damn it i just bought one for 4b

(Philips Wang) #5

Can PLEX be used for trading?

(shoneri Eistiras) #6

you can sell it and send the isk

(Philips Wang) #7

dont want waste plex on tax。

(shoneri Eistiras) #8

you’re gonna waste the entire plex anyways

(Bill Fisher) #9

Shoneri you know you have to pay 1000 plex to transfer each character right? i.e. 3.2b per toon…

(shoneri Eistiras) #10

there’s other way to complete the transfer

(Philips Wang) #11

OK ISK. how to transfer ?

(shoneri Eistiras) #12

send the isk to the toon you want and your username in an ingame mail

(shoneri Eistiras) #13

whats the alt you want to buy ?

(Philips Wang) #14

sending a checking mail to shoneri Eistiras

(shoneri Eistiras) #15

I got the confirmation mail thanks

(shoneri Eistiras) #16

all alts still for sale

:parrotbeer: Bring Out Your Toons! Buying Characters Now!
(shoneri Eistiras) #17

bump up those are very good ratting alts for rock havens and forsaken hubs and they can anchor and launch 4 MTUs and haul the loots with t1 galanty haulers up to 31K M3 space.

(TypingTot) #18

Can any of these fly Megathron?

(shoneri Eistiras) #19

no they can’t yet

(DartVeider) #20


I’d like to buy Tank Orlenard

Should I send ISK and account info to shoneri Eistiras or to Tank Orlenard?