[SOLD] VNI Ratting Alts for sale 2.75 Bill each separately or all

WTS good vni ratting alts and t1 haulers for scooping the loot , each has about 5 Mill skill points I can sell separately or all


I would like Tank Kouvo plz. 3b. He would be perfect for me to start making isk through combat.

sure send me your isk and you’re username please to transfer

damn it i just bought one for 4b

Can PLEX be used for trading?

you can sell it and send the isk

dont want waste plex on tax。

you’re gonna waste the entire plex anyways

Shoneri you know you have to pay 1000 plex to transfer each character right? i.e. 3.2b per toon…

there’s other way to complete the transfer

OK ISK. how to transfer ?

send the isk to the toon you want and your username in an ingame mail

whats the alt you want to buy ?

sending a checking mail to shoneri Eistiras

I got the confirmation mail thanks

all alts still for sale

bump up those are very good ratting alts for rock havens and forsaken hubs and they can anchor and launch 4 MTUs and haul the loots with t1 galanty haulers up to 31K M3 space.

Can any of these fly Megathron?

no they can’t yet


I’d like to buy Tank Orlenard

Should I send ISK and account info to shoneri Eistiras or to Tank Orlenard?