WTS VNI alts and Almost VNI Alts

(Gary Bell) #1

Want to sell some alts I was making until clone changes stuck me and i could not finish them :frowning:

Next I have-


Buyouts are- 4.0 Bil each
(Transfer Cost is 3.2 each in plex so if it is unreasonable to make 500 mil they can lapse)

All these toons are super close to VNI. Most are like an injector or so into getting a decent VNI with heavy drones. I had planned to train the rest of the alpha skills on these and either extract the non alpha or sell as is but CCP gave me the shaft… These are good spy chars so you can rip people off and steal things etc or just a good starter for a new char. I will cut people deals if they are interested in more then one.

I will post over the next little bit with confirmation of ownership.

They all have no killrights and positive standings. I will pay Transfers using plex so you will prob have a 24 hour wait due to petition times.

Gary Bell is point of contact

(Meg Arthie) #3

Confirmed for sale

(Petis Dallocort) #4

Confirmed for sale

(Ole Olerie) #5

Confirmed for sale

(Otie Ormand) #6

Confirmed for sale

(Penn Eyrou) #7

Confirmed for sale

(Timothy Lee Charante) #8

Confirmed for sale

(Rika Audeles) #9

Confirmed for sale

(Mike Thomas Chanlin) #10

Confirmed for sale

(Gary Bell) #11


(Gary Bell) #12


(Gary Bell) #13


(Gary Bell) #14


(Gary Bell) #15


(Gary Bell) #17

Confirmed… Send isk and account info. Please send Gary an evemail when you have done it so I can swap over and start the transfer. Please be aware it will be a plex transfer so could take 24 to 48 cuz ccp… -_-

(Gary Bell) #19

Petition sent to do transfer… Now CCP…

(Pete Yojimbo) #21

4 bill BO for Mike Thomas Chanlin

(Gary Bell) #22

confirmed send him isk and account information

(Pete Yojimbo) #23

isk and account info send _

(Pete Yojimbo) #24

Still waiting on char transfer.