WTS VNI Alts 6Mil SP (1 LEFT!)

(Gary Bell) #1

WTS some Vexor Navy alts. I have a few of them with various skills from 4-5 Mil SP roughly.

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Trika_Plaude - 4 Bil Start - 5 Bil Buyout— SOLD
http://eveboard.com/pilot/Milea_Actault - 4 Bil Start - 5 Bil Buyout— SOLD
http://eveboard.com/pilot/Keta_Ambrye - 4 Bil Start - 5 Bil Buyout— SOLD
http://eveboard.com/pilot/Bertha_Audeles - 4 Bil Start - 5 Bil Buyout

All have positive sec status
I pay transfer fees

Gary Bell will be point of contact for the sales

WTB Ratting/Miner pilot
(Prea Olerie) #2

For Sale

(Pita Assene) #3

For Sale

(Duke Jasmone) #4

For Sale

(Trika Plaude) #5

For Sale

(Milea Actault) #6

For sale

(Keta Ambrye) #7

For Sale

(Gary Bell) #9

Bump bra

(Gary Bell) #10

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(Gary Bell) #11


(Gary Bell) #12

BUMpity Bump

(Gary Bell) #14

thanks for the opinion… It costs 3.2 bil to transfer a toon currently. I can pull at least 3 if not 4 extractors off these toons. If I sell them I am not planning on making much less then 5. Anything under 5 and i will simply max out the alpha skills for free extract what i can and let them lapse

(Gary Bell) #15

and for the record i have sold well over 100 chars in the 10 years ive played this game

(Gary Bell) #17

Again… Ive sold over 100 toons easily in 10 years… People will always buy VNIs because they are easy isk farmers… Please stop trolling my thread

(Gary Bell) #18

Bump meee to the top

(Boutz McCool) #19

4 B each Bertha and Milea.

(Boutz McCool) #20

prea, pita and duke included in this offer?

(Cyborg 31164987) #21

4b for Trika Plaude

(Gary Bell) #22

These chars have roughly 2 mil non alpha sp. if i sell them for 4 Bil i will net 800mil isk after transfer fees. Or… I can let the account expire… train the rest of there alpha skills, and extract the non alpha sp for a gain of 2 bil with no input?.. SO… no thanks

(Boutz McCool) #23

Then why did you start bid at 4B ? Charge what you charge and drop the histrionics.
5B for Prea