(Nixie Kurvora) #1

I will pay transfer fee,positive wallet,no kill rights,located in Jita.

Super-focused apostle toon.

Starting bid : 30b.

(Estemaire Mileghere) #2

hmm. i ll offer 20b.

(Nixie Kurvora) #3

nah,I will not sell my girl for 20b . I can think if u will offer 30 :slight_smile:

(Mila Utrigas) #4

21b offer

(Vanq Seller) #5


(White Kitteh) #6

Have 24b ready for BO as this char cannot use T2 Triage (does not have Logistics Cruisers or Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration V).

(DERRY Risalo) #7

u can check other toons WTS Perfect Apostle toon or WTS Perfect Apostle toon

(Nixie Kurvora) #8

i will accept for 25.1 not lower

(Nixie Kurvora) #9

wtf how I missed this skill LOL :stuck_out_tongue: I am shocked,nothing to say,I didnt know that I don’t have even logi cruisers and tact logi reconf V hahahahaha

(White Kitteh) #10

lol, 25b and you have a deal

(Nixie Kurvora) #11

okey,you offer 25b? right? u can send isks to nixie… I am really shocked that I don’t have 2 the most important skills…sorry :smiley:

(Nixie Kurvora) #12

then I will write a request to GM and he will transfer the char to you in 10-40 hours

(White Kitteh) #13

ISK sent - will evemail with account to transfer to

(Nixie Kurvora) #14

yep,give me few mins

(Nixie Kurvora) #15

enjoy ,p.s. account name is so cute <3

(White Kitteh) #16

You are not using Char transfer form?

(Nixie Kurvora) #17

I don’t have real money to pay,I am selling 3 toons right now,it will cost 60 EUROs for 3 chars…so much…They will transfer toon in 10-40 hours

(system) #18

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