Hello.I want to sell my perfect revelation and T1 apostle toon

Amarr Dread V
Amarr Carrier V
Guns V
Nice armor skills
Perfect engineering/navigation/targeting skills

You need to train only Remote Armor Rep skills and Tactical Logistic Rec for perfect T2 apostle toon
Mid-grade slave set with hg-1005

Character will be located in Jita,positive isk,no kill rights.I will pay transfer fee
Bonus and usual remap available

Starting price 40b
b/o 47b

Why? High-focused toons are very rare

30 bill

32 bil

32.5b offer




offer accepted. pls send isks and account name to me

37b b/o

offer accepted.please,send isks and account name to Jade Aiken

sorry, I wait too long 26+ hours.Let me know if still want to buy this char if Aleksandar R changes the mind

All fake bids

Alright, there are only post by my family. Mother, 2 brothers and 1 sister. They all playing in eve and trying to help me. Thanks for serious 30b bid.

Bid revision: 31 bil

Ill offer you 35 bil b/o right now

36.5bil and I will accept. Still for sale

35,5 bil


36.5b b/o offer. let me know soon. want to wrap it up tonight