Nearly Maxed Alpha

(Gary Bell) #1

Would anyone pay 3.5 bil for a toon like this? I am going to have like 20 of them? They all have 2 Remaps or more and would make good toons to use as spys etc? Thoughts comments?

I am not gonna sell them for less then 3.5 Bil as i plan to use plex to transfer and im not going to waste isk ill simply log them off forever?

(Pika Haginen) #2

I am toon in question that is for sale… Well one of many

(Red Lola) #3

why would you train that many alphas without a future plan?

(Gary Bell) #4

I made 18 bil in isk right off the bat… Then trained roughly 2.3-2.5 mil sp to each toon in non alpha skills. When the accounts lapsed I continued to train all the alpha skills to allow the extraction of the 2.5 ish Mil SP as well… SO thats why…

A few weeks into it occurred to me that I could have made VNI pilots with these and made even more isk but im tarded FML…

(Gary Bell) #5

Bump Anyone…

(Gary Bell) #6

bump :stuck_out_tongue:

(Prius Takst) #7

Can you post the names of your toons here? I’ m looking to buy a more advanced alpha than myself at 1.5 mil SP but I do want some cool name/picture.

(Gary Bell) #8

Sorry just saw this…

Janice Inkunen
Pika Haginen
Bisha Hekki
Sephan Uitra

Cha Cha Koraka
Exe Utama (Not Redy for a few weeks)
Hacha Talvanen (Not Redy for a few weeks)
Pita Funaila (Not Redy for a few weeks)
Jen Uitoh (Not Redy for a few weeks)
Benny Saraki
Feta Maken
Pecha Okaski

Jina Hakoke
Peta Itinen
Mitan Aivoras
Beta Eto
Baybe Outamon
Billy Hanomaa
Mena Onzo
Kriss Saisima
Tim Okaski

This is to start

(Gary Bell) #9

BUMP :slight_smile:

(QuakeGod) #10

What is the max SP that an alpha can have?

(Gary Bell) #11

5 mil. Some of these are a hair over because they were all training normal skills for 30 days.

(Gary Bell) #12

Bump :grinning:

(Gary Bell) #13


(Debbie Walker) #14

Edit, taht names were sold already…

Will be Pen Arji and feka nolen , please confimrm accpeted, i send isk and acc name, and i know are the same account to receive and no hurry , need next week

C later

(Gary Bell) #15

Pen and Feka to you. Will post with toons shortly to confirm ownership etc

WTB 2 chars 5mln SP
(Pen Arji) #16

I am for sale and being sold :slight_smile:

(Feka Nolen) #17

I am also for sale and being sold

(Gary Bell) #18

Pen And Feka Sold

(Debbie Walker) #19

Many thanks, received. I enter in the account and find both there, but have not receive the Mail (i assume plex payment).

You save my life =)

(Smart Sister) #20

i think CCP removed the pay transfer with plex option.