WTS VNI Alts 6Mil SP (1 LEFT!)

Prea is not for sale. It says updated at the top in huge letters and she is not listed with an eveboard… FML

It does indeed say that, then still lists those 7 other chars for sale, so its ambiguous, hence my initial question.
There is a little ‘show more’ icon which allows you to delete posts, maybe use it.

you set the start price at 4b… That why I started there.
how much for Trika Plaude then?

5.3 would be what i would sell her for

4.7b and i can transfer now

Bump a lump

confirmed B/O for trika plaude 5.3B

Confirmed send isk and account info to trika

Transfer started for Trika still have 3 for sale!

5 B for Milea

5 and convo me in game

5 Billion isk and account info sent to Milea Actault

Confirmed will begin transfer in a sec

Transfer started via plex

Bump 2 more left!

5b for Keta

I can do that. Transfer isk and send her an evemail with your account information and I will begin the transfer. I will tell you I am using a petition/plex transfer and it has been taking around 48hrs.


isk sent and details sent.
I sent them via a different toon.

You are missing some information in your original post.

Transfer started… and go away troll