WTS 6.1m Trader Market Trade Alt

(MySexy Alt) #1

WTS Myself
Trade / Market Alt
Accounting 5
Broker Relations 5
Tycoon 5
Margin Trading 5
305 Max Orders!
Cool name

Toon has positive wallet, no kill rights, in hisec blah blah blah
No standings, wa snullsec trader

This toon has literally made me hundreds of billions - maybe it could be YourSexy Alt today?

Starting bid: 4.5bil (The extractor value+ transfer cost is 4bil)
Buyout: 6bil

http://eveboard.com/pilot/MySexy_Alt pw: 1234

(Admiral Algos) #2

let me see eveboard link? http://eveboard.com/pilot/MySexy_Alt


(MySexy Alt) #3

sry my bad post updated

(MySexy Alt) #4

private offer 5 bil received will transfer once the buyer confirms here and sends isk

(MySexy Alt) #5

buyer did not have isk ready-


(jj gunsIinger) #6


(jj gunsIinger) #7

I can be online right now to send isk otherwise will have to wait till I’m off work

(deeks87 deacon) #8

this sale still open?

(mOky Dallocort) #9

I Would like to buy it for 4.5 B

(Jaquo Starr) #10


(Jaquo Starr) #11

are you available currently?

(Liam Karnwield) #12

If sale is still up I will do 5 bil

(Jaquo Starr) #13

think the thread is dead, cant contact him

(Donald Aihaken) #14

hi i want to buy it

(MySexy Alt) #15

Hi, sorry have been busy a while and offers seemed to dry up.

First person to offer 5.5 bil gets it immediately
5bil will get you it if no one else offers within 12 hours or so

Contact on this thread not ingame

(TheLastKingOfScotland) #16

5.5bn offered

(MySexy Alt) #17

sold - senbd isk and i will start transfer

(TheLastKingOfScotland) #18

Isk and account info sent, thanks

(MySexy Alt) #19

thanks, petition submitted for character transfer to the account provided, will post when I receive confirmation

(TheLastKingOfScotland) #20

Character received, thanks