WTS 6.8M pure Trader


pure trade focused alt with 6,841,068 SP including Margin Trading V and Wholesale IV.

  • No jump clones
  • Positive wallet and around 50M net worth
  • Current location: Hedion
  • 0.0 Sec Status
  • No kill rights
  • 2x Bonus Remaps Available

Looking for around 6B.


Daily bump! Thanks all

Daily boop! Will consider lower offers - thanks!

4 Bil.

I can go 5B

Got no intentions to pay more than 4b, either take it or leave it… Offer still stands, Im not in a hurry just let me know your decision at some point.

no problem - thanks for your offer. If its ok with you, I’ll close in 24 hours at 4B assuming no other offers

Final bump - closing in 5 hours at 4 bil

4,2 bil

Thanks for the offer. Its yours at 4.2B in 2 hours, assuming no other offers


4.4 bill

4.4B accepted - thanks Skylero Sun. Will initiate transfer as soon as you send the ISK + account name in game

info and isk sent ingame email

confirm ISK received. Character transfer underway to your account:


Thank you and fly safe o/

waiting transfer

Its on its way!

All done. Thank you :kissing_heart:

Good to know. Thank you! o7

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