[SOLD] WTS 6.2M+ SP VNI Pilot, *4

(Gatorade Kansene) #1

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Gatorade_Kansene [6.225M]
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Gatorade_Schereau [6.351M]

Alpha/Omega VNI ratting Ready
Skill injectors farm ready

  • Wallet balance: 1 ISK
  • Kill rights: N/A
  • Jump clones: N/A
  • Character location: High Sec academies
  • Remap: Intelligence 27, Memory 21
  • Good drone skills: Heavy Drone V and etc.
  • Good Engineering skills
  • Cybernetics V and etc.

Individual/total buy accepted.

(Gatorade Kansene) #2

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Gatorade_Yvormes [6.240M]
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Gatorade_Dorgiers [6.192M]

4 Characters in total
Individual/total buy accepted.

(Gatorade Schereau) #3

For sale

(Gatorade Yvormes) #4

For Sale

(Gatorade Dorgiers) #5

For sale

(Tempelton Aivo) #6

How about 22 bil b/o per all ?

(Gatorade Kansene) #7

Expecting more. Like 25B in total.
I can wait. Thanks for the offer.

(Tempelton Aivo) #8

24 bil ok?

(Gatorade Kansene) #9

Current bid is 24B for all

(Tempelton Aivo) #10

24.5 bil b/o deal?

(Gatorade Kansene) #11

How about 24.5B without those LP?

(Tempelton Aivo) #12

i dont need LP. lets do it without LP but for 24?

(Gatorade Kansene) #13

Daily bump.
Current bid is 24B b/o without LP.

(Gatorade Kansene) #14

I took all the LPs now.
Last bump. The price is now 24B b/o.
If there’s no higher bid I will sell them to Tempelton tomorrow.

(Gatorade Kansene) #15

@Tempelton_Aivo send an EVE mail to me and the previously agreed amount of ISK. These characters will be yours soon.

(Tempelton Aivo) #16

ok. i am on work now. after 2 hours i sent isk and mail with account names

(Tempelton Aivo) #17

account info and isk sent

(Gatorade Kansene) #18

All of the characters were transferred to your accounts.
Thanks for the business.