SOLD WTS 21 mil Sp

Heyyy looking to sell my first toon 21mil SP max drones VNI rat good for 1v1 pvp and only 4 months old. Used skill injectors.

Your Skill poits have a value of 12b plus the base char another 3, value is 15b. i pay you 16b for your char.

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Ok deal. I am in game right now.

Excellent, give me a minute.

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isk and acc name sent, can u please send to my banker the api of your char ? i want plan somethings in eve mon

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How do a transfer with plex ?

enter in, put a ticket about the transfer, you must have 1000 plex in your vault. The process can take 1-5 days variable with their workload., in the ticket you must put the target account.

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Thumbs up, pilot received !

i love @gmn and ccp sometimes

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