WTS 16.7m WH Alt

(DaBigRedBoot) #1


After returning from statis this character no longer has any use to me right now.

The pilot is trained to be useful as an alt in a wormhole.

-Scanning skills maxed
-Cov Ops
-Gas harvester II
-Mining Barge V
-PI Skills
-Cybernetics V
-Decent core skills

Want to know more? Check out the eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/DaBigRedBoot
pw: r123

Instant B/O: 12b

Edit: in compliance with CCP rules (Pos wallet, located in hs, pos sec stat)

(Cliper Endashi) #2

9b isk ready

(Red Lola) #3

10b? bo

(DaBigRedBoot) #4

Thanks for the offers, Imma let it run till the end of the weekend or untill the instant BO is met.
Will go to highest bidder on Sunday unless BO is met before then.

Instant B/O 12b

(DaBigRedBoot) #5

Bump. Have a great weekend!

(Gravel Arnst) #6

10.5 bil

(DaBigRedBoot) #7

Currently highest bid: 10.5b by Gravel Arnst
Instant BO: 12b

Will let this run for 5 more hours (6PM my time, around 12 EVE time).

This will be the final bump before the sale ^^


BO:12 b important 30 minutes

(DaBigRedBoot) #9

Please transfer the isk to the character, and mail me the account name on which u wish to receive the character.


translation MIRANIR


transfer isk DaBigRedBoot ?


transfer EVOK1


translation 12 b made

(DaBigRedBoot) #14

06 Aug 2017 09:40

EVE Character transfer

Payment Method

Transfer started, you will soon receive a mail, enjoy!