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Great little Tengu, Stratios, Basilisk, etc pilot. If you are wanting to do PvE by running missions, providing reps in a fleet, scanning down and hacking sites or generating income via planetary interaction, this pilot is for. If you are looking to dual box, pilots don’t get any better.

Has a +5 set in at the moment, but nothing else of note on the character.

B/O 42b

Updated original post and noted the buyout for offers.

Prices on extractors and injectors have risen (slightly) so characters are a great deal when you can get them this cheap!

38 bil

No thanks, very low looking at other offers just on the front page.

Great character for someone that wants to be self sufficient somewhere out on the edges of space! Set yourself up to colonize a planet, scan down sites to either hack or fight and haul it all back to Jita when you want to sell it.


No thank you. 80m SP characters with these stats tend to go for around my asking, and that’s with the recent changes in pricing.

There are several examples within the past week.

Lowered price for today only! After today i’m just gonna extract the skills down to a certain point and sell a different character.

42bill b/o message sent to confirm with your in game character

Confirmed! Send ISK and account name and I can start transfer in about 15 minutes (gotta move a few things)

ISK and info sent

Transfer started, have fun!

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