[SOLD] WTS 32.1m sp industrial/resource character

Looking to sell an alt toon of mine which I’ve used on-off over the years as a miner/industrialist character. Originally intended as an orca pilot, I’m offering it for sale.

password: 1234

SP primarily concentrated in resource processing, core engineering skills, drones, navigation and spaceship command. Exhumers is at level 5; Industrial Command ships is at level 4.

Wallet is positive and will be left positive for the transfer
Sec status at 0.0
No kill rights
2 remaps available (normal + bonus)
Basic implants plus two of the Genolution Core.
Located in high sec; medical clone also in high sec.
Standings can be seen on skillboard profile but none are at “attacked in space” status.

Will take anything north of 20B

ill give you the 20 bill isk ready

Yours is the lead bid; if there’s no higher offer in 30 minutes, it’s yours.

Edit: Removed as Kazim entered a late bid.

21B isk ready to send right now

Hi @Kazim , I will give @Marcus_Scipios one hour (from 18:45 UTC) to provide me with his details and the payment; if not, I will open up bidding once again.

I am considering multiple characters right now and Offering you 1Bil higher than your highest bid. Can’t guarantee I can wait 1h. Up to you though

You make a good point.

21bil offer accepted, please mail info and send money to this character (ZOppp) in game.

Once I’ve received this I will initiate the transfer and post proof in this thread.

ISK + Account name sent

Details and ISK received; initiating the transfer now.

Transfer to the account you provided has been initiated; please confirm once you’ve received the transfer.

Character Transfer email received. Thanks

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