WTS 26+ mill SP Industrial alt, 739k unalloc SP

Selling (this) industrial alt weighted toward mining w/Drones, Fleet support, Resource Processing, Mining Barges/Exhumers/Frigates, and Planet Management. Positive security status, no kill rights either way, free travel in all high sec. In NPC corp (EveSkillboard has not update for this yet). Positive wallet (roughly 1 million ISK, not the 150mil the sheet says). One remap available. Three (3) jump clones.

Asking 2.5 billion starting bid; auction will run for 48-72 hours, longer if no bids. I reserve the right to terminate this auction at any time if I choose to accept a great bid.

Character sheet (EveSkillBoard); check it out before EveSkillboard website goes away! I can send a PDF of the EveSkillboard page in case the website goes bye-bye before auction ends. Usual CCP rules apply.

Thanks for looking!

2.5 B

13.5 B

Thank you for your bids so far, everyone! Bump!

SniffleBum, if you’re still interested in this character for the amount you bid let me know and we’ll conclude the deal. If not, please post a message here saying you’re backing out. I’ll message your in-game alt this same message. Thanks!

i want to buy this 14b

@Daniel, if @SniffleBum doesn’t respond by tomorrow morning (she/he still hasn’t replied or proffered the ISK) my time (I’m west coast US) I’ll accept your offer. Sorry to make you wait but it’s only fair. If you choose to back out I understand.

ok i will wait and my time is UTC+8 so maybe you will wait some times

@Daniel I accept your offer of 14 billion for this alt (Stocking Anarchys). Please send the proffered ISK to her (Stocking Anarchys); upon receipt I’ll start the character transfer and post the transfer start details.


ok in this afternoon i will sent isk to you in UTC+8

bro isk have already sent 14b
2022.01.22 07:57 玩家捐助 -14,000,000,000 星币 4,075,708,170 星币 [原因] Daniel Codie将现金存入Stocking Anarchys的账户

Next, please tell me what I need to do

This is my first time buying a character

@Daniel, ISK received!

I just need the ACCOUNT NAME (not email address) to transfer the character to. You didn’t include it in your recent email. Once I get that I can start the transfer process.


my account name is (niconiconi_niko)

Account transfer has been started… from CCP page:

"We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Stocking Anarchys

Will be completed after: 1/24/2022 2:46:32 AM"

Thanks again, @Daniel!

ok thx

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