WTS 29.8M SP Alt Char - VNI Ratter, Hulk Miner, T2 Logi, PvP, Hauler (SOLD)

29.8 million SP Alt-Char for sale.

Perfect starter alt, ready to profit from all aspects of the game including exceptional drone for ratting, mining skills to sit comfortably in a Hulk.
PvP Skills, especially logistics in a Scimitar.
Clean history; politically and economically.
Positive Wallet and Sec Status


Buyout Accepted @ 23B

20 Billion ISK Buy Out Offer ISK READY

logging off for the night in 5 min

21 bil

21.5 bil

22 bil


IN 24 hours unless buyout, character will go to Mirror Lied.

When Mirror Lied Sends Isk and Account Name, I will send over character.

ok。but I should give isk to whom?Can you send me an mail?

Please send back a confirmation mail to me and I will send the ISK to you at EVE time 12:00

Confirm mail has received, isk and account info sent。

Isk received, Started account transfer.

character receive, deal ends

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