WTS 29,8 mill SP mining isndustial Char

(SOLD) I am selling my third account character Natan Phyro. Character


positive isk
No jump clones
Located in hi-sec
No kill rights

Bidd start at 20 bill
B/O 35 bill

Bidding will close at 23:00 CET to night.

This is my third accont and I dont use it anymore. The character was created in 2003.
I will pay the transfere fee with creditcard ofcourse.

(I read alot about scam on this forum and I dont want people to think that about this add, please feel free to come with suggestions to how I can help you feel safe in your purcase)

All EVE and CCP policies for this transaction to be followed 100%.

20b offer made. Can offer b/o right now at that price.

Hi, Ill give it one hour. I need to escrow ships and make it ready for transfere. If you still have the highest bid by then, its a deal.

No problem. No worries. I’ll be here.

Okay. Ill leave all small stuff on account if that is okay.

Sure. So, you’re accepting b/o at 20bill?

Ill take bids for 50 min more or you can say 22 and get it rigth away with one domenic, onerios and ares.

I’m okay for the hulls thanks (not required). Feel free to come back when you’re ready (assuming no further bids) and I’ll offer the 20bill b/o.

Good luck and talk soon.

okay you get the bid.

Are you still online, ?

Apologies. Something came up. I’m afraid I’m going to retract my offer. Good luck though and hope you get your sale soon.

Bid is open again :confused:

21 billion ;=)

Hi, bid is recived and now at 21 B, Thanks Maizie.

21.5b.o isk and account ready

To make it fair to everyone that want to make a bid on this toon I set a closing time for bids at 23:00 CET to night. Hope that is okay for everyone. If not, feel free to protest :slight_smile:

Bid is currently at 21,5 b, thanks Arch.

going to work in 18 mins, If non bids more my b/o stands still tommorow,
gl on the sale

That is fine. Appriciate it m8.

I’ll go 22 bil