WTS 39m sp Miner --- SOLD

As the title suggests, I am for sale, skill sheet can be found here http://eveboard.com/pilot/Maeglin_Elensar

Located in HS with 1 Jump clones with implants, can be seen here https://imgur.com/a/QdDfl

Has 17.3m sp in Resource Processing which includes the new moon ores, as seen here https://imgur.com/a/uWaVr which for some reason does not show on the eveboard.

Character has a positive wallet, no killrights and is currently located in high sec.

Bidding will start at 20b
Bid increments 500m
B/O = Make me Happy

Character will remain for sale until sold, happy bidding.


25 bil

Nice opening gambits, lets see if we can do better :smiley:


Current Highest bid is 28b, almost at the magic number to get this character sold, come on peeps dont be shy

Character is worth ~ 27bil. Ill offer a 29bil B/O as my final bid. Online now.

I’ll accept your 29b bid, please transfer isk and send mail with account details, upon receipt i will initiate the character transfer process via support ticket as using plex. I have sent you an ingame mail to confirm.

ISK and Account name sent.

isk and account details received, support ticket submitted.

Has transfer started yet? ETA?

Mail sent,

Character Transfer completed via support ticket

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