[SOLD] WTS 10M SP miner

Up for sale is myself, Anne Jacqueline Hathaway, 10M SP miner.

Wallet: 0 ISK
Kill rights: None
Jump clones: None
Character location: Jita IV - 4 Trade Hub

My asking price is 6.5 Billion InterStellar Kredits. Actually I was sold on this very forum 6 years ago and my price seems to be still the same, which is a bit embarrassing, but of course, if you are generous, you are surely welcome to offer more than that and show me how big your … wallet is. :slight_smile:

Anyways, you can check all details about me here:
(Note: corp still shows a player corp, but the character is already in NPC corp, Evie might need some time to refresh maybe).

Looking forward to have a new owner soon, who might take better care of me than this current one, who couldn’t even bother to come here and write all this, but made me do this myself, you feel me? Had to write my own sales pitch! Save me from this rude owner and buy me NOW!

4 bil

Thank you very much, but I want to believe I’m worth a little bit more than that. Offer respectfully declined.

No problem. My offer stands if you change your mind.

6 bil

That would work for me. Please let me know here on the forum when ISK is sent and give me the account name in ingame mail, where I have to transfer the character to and I’ll initiate the transfer asap. I’m in my office now, so I’ll try to do this via the Browser Client, but in case it won’t cooperate with my company firewall or my laptop proves to be inadequate for it :slight_smile: I’ll be able to initiate the transfer at 15:30 EVE time at the earliest, when I get home.

ISK sent
EVE-mail with account name sent.

Thanks! Character transfer initiated, sorry for the delay.

Character received.
Thank you.

She already got here plex and injector for T2 crystals and moving to new w-space home.

Awesomesauce! Wish you all the best and lots of ISK! :slight_smile:

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