(SOLD)WTS 29 m sp

i am for sale
ice harvesting drone operation lvl 5
ice harvesting drone specalization lvl 5
mining drone lvl 5
mining drone spec lvl 5
mining foreman lvl 5
cloack hauler lvl 5 itd

Great name

NPC corp

Located in Dodixie

No jump clones

Positive wallet - 2.530.000 ISK

No kill rights

Reopened. Thank you for completing :wink:

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2bill :sunglasses:

offer 20b

21 bill

Bump :grinning:

:grinning: bump

this is a toon emptied of all the skill points, and given that many skills have been taught but not learned and that probably the person who raised is the same person who made the sales post.
I offer the same amount as the last raise and it is only valid for 4 hours

21 bil for 4 hours

P.S. the person who offered 21 mil before me buys characters to empty them and resell the SP through the Skill injectors, and since this character only has 29 mil of sp he cannot be used to extract the sp.
Considering that the SP are few I don’t think he’ll take it to use it but he’ll sell it through another account.
Having said that, my offer remains for 4 hours after which you can consider it withdrawn

22 b and its yours

I did the calculations, and as I told you, you and the person who made the offer of 21 billion are the same person, having said this, 21 billion is my offer and it doesn’t increase.
I calculated that between skill extraction and your SP, whoever offered 21 bil before me loses a couple of bil.
other info that supports my thesis, and that I went to read all the posts where the person offered 21 bil and confirms my thesis.
Having said that, do you want to sell it?

21 bil and I’ll send you the isk and accaunt name immediately.

not same person but i vana sell qwick .
sen isk and account name

account name and isk sent I await the transfer

Transferring to ultimo072

Will be completed after 12/11/2023 5:40:41 AM

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Thank you and best of luck

thank you to
fly safe

character arrived with 600. 000 sp less than what you posted, why?