[ WTS ] Dread - Carrier - Fax - Rorq - Marauder - Blops Pilot 37.5 Mil SP

Selling myself.

No Bounty or kill rights. Positive wallet. In Jita.

Can fly Vargurs/Panthers/Minokawas/Lifs/Phoenix/Naglfars/Moros/Thanatos/Nidhoggurs/Rorqual and more!

Looking to start bids at 25 Bil. Willing to close immediately for 35. If anyone sees this I’m in game all day and willing to do this super fast.

30b Offer

I’ll take the offer, transfer the isk to this char and send me your account name for transfer.

isk transferred

Okay, bear with, dropping corp and sorting transfer momentarily.

Account name please


Transfered. Thread can be closed. Pleasure.

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