[sold, payment and transfer pending]

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I’m parting ways with my Alt for mining, ratting anoms (isktar), cyno recon, and just needs a couple days for : Transport ships, interceptors, covops etc.

can Fly:

  • T2 barges ( T2 crystals for Exceptional/rare/uncommon/abyssal)
  • T2 mining frigate (good for ice)
  • Ishtar ( 3 weeks to t2 heavies)
  • Recon (arazu, cyno level5)

Skillboard: Atrocity Archives's Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

118 Skins, 46 Aurora Universalis skins, not going to list all.

no Killrights. no bad reputation. (in fact no reputation at all, never used as anything but an alt)
Member of Horde and Horde affiliated corps until now.

Wallet balance is 94 million.

Char is located in Jita, 1 Jump clone in Lowsec (didn’t delete it because there is a ice mining Prospect there)

I think this is an exceptional basis for an additional char, immediately usefull, and very versatile.

I’m not completely sure about the price, but I think I’ll start bidding at 15 Billion and see where we go from there.

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10 bill

11 bil

12 bill

Lets Bump this. not seeing the bids I want to see.

15B B/O

15.5B B/O

Is this toon still available?

16BIL- BuyOut

16.5 if this is still available

17 bil BO


[higher bid]


18.5b b/o

Sold. Contact this char per in game mail with the details for the receiving account.
reply here when done, transfer isk to this account.
As soon as Isk are here, I’ll initiate transfer.

ISK have been transferred to the specified account

Character transfer initiated to the account named in in-game mail.
Apparently this will take 10 hours to complete.
I have never done this, so I don’t really know :slight_smile:
I’ll keep you updated when I check back in 10 hours.

I think the transfer is completed. There is no UI (or I didnt find it) to check on the progress of the transfer or the outcome. You enter the account name one time when you select the character and never hear from the process again until your account has one less char.

So I hope this worked out, if not please contact me and we will contact CCP support if there are any issues.


You shouldnt have access to the forums if it worked