WTS I'm for sale - 15.5M

(sweet hot) #1

http://eveboard.com/pilot/sweet_hot - password is “abc123”

  • Ratting char with decent Paladin skills

  • Located in Jita, no killrights, no bounties

  • Let me hear your bids!

(Pluvanto) #2

10b b/o

(Madison Breese) #3

8billion contact me in game

(Zeverian Yassavi) #4

Rescinding offer

(Inactive Seller) #5

Is PALADIN, no kronos

Very nice char.

(Harlem Jet) #6

how much are you looking for

(yipcool) #7

8b b/o

(Harlem Jet) #8

9b b/o but how much are you looking for

(Crawfish Johnson) #9

10b for quick transaction

(sweet hot) #10

10b accepted, please send ISK. I’m gonna initiate transfer as soon, as I receive the money.
Please be aware there might be a bit of a delay in transfer, because we need to wait for GM intervention.


(Crawfish Johnson) #11

ISK sent, Thank You

(Pluvanto) #12

You do know that my bid is 10b? Which is at the top of this thread.

(sweet hot) #13

Excellent. Can you please specify the account name to transfer the toon to?

(sweet hot) #14

You’re right and I’m sorry! I somehow missed that you made the same offer! Hope you accept my apologies. :anguished:

(Crawfish Johnson) #15

mail sent in-game with account details

(sweet hot) #16

Initiated. I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

(system) #18

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