11.8mil sp ratter/miner sold


7.5b offered, provided that you drop the character to an NPC corp before the transfer, and that the char has a positive wallet balance, per the rules.

I will drop corp and character will not have a negative balance as per the rules


8.2b offered



8.2b is my best offer, and only for a quick sale.

I accept. Mail Langtril Geengod with details please

Great. Will do as soon as I get home from work in approximately 2 hours. Thank you.

I will continue this transaction tomorrow then. It is late here in my timezone. Fly safe

Ill just log in remotely and do it now then.

Isk sent and account info sent via in game mail to Vlad Dracul Vlad.

Transfer made

Transfer email received. I will confirm when I receive the character. Thank you.

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