24m-SP Caldari pilot for sale

Hello, I am selling myself a 24.3m SP pilot focused on Caldari ships. My skills rotate around Missile combat. I have access to T2 of the following weapon types; Rockets, Light Missiles, Rapid Lights, Heavy Missiles, Heavy Assault Missiles, and Rapid Heavy Missiles. This insures no matter which missile ship or subcap hull size you choose to fly, you will be covered. I also have adequate supporting skills to guarantee most fits will be fully T2 and a short training time if you invest in larger caldari hull sizes.

I have access to missions from level one to four with Home Guard. This Corporations has level four access in high security space. These level four mission systems are normally quiet and lowly populated so you may run missions in relative peace. Level four missions are a decent way to generate isk, I did so in a Tengu with ease.

One clone contains a standard(+4) set of implants.

  • Positive security status 2.9
  • Character has positive wallet
  • Character has no kill rights
  • Character will be in Jita, trade station(high security system)
  • All CCP rules apply
  • 24.3m SP Caldari Pilot (Tengu/Cerb/Hawk/more)
  • Buyout 25billion
    I’ll be online all weekend. Make your offers!

do you have acces to other lvl4 corps?
can you travel freely in highsec?

bidding 20b

Just the one corp for level4 but Spanelane Patrol is very neer level4. Yes I have good High sec standing and can move freely.

21 bil bid

23b buyout?

With the null sec black out coming, this character is worth more to me now. I’m not changing the buy out (that would be wrong), but I am holding out for the 25bil buy out. Will stay up for sale till the announcement of black out which I predict will be some time Sunday…

25b ready

I’ll take it. evemail Sam your info.

No contact with Asuna DED yet. Character still available to any one offering 25bil.

Has been sent isk and account info

isk received, transfer started. Thank you.

I have received it. Thank you

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